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Method - 1
You can add our Mobile Number 9898548613 in your own WhatsApp Group (Min. 50 Members Required)
🔹 Please also give Admin rights so we can send messages in the group if required.

Method - 2
If you do not have a group on WhatsApp you can join our Group with below link

Rules :

 1. Group Ma Koi Pan Prakar Na Message Moklava Nahi (Ex- Good Morning, Good Night & Etc). 

2. Group Ma Koi Pn Prakar Ni Vatchit Karvi Nahi. 

3. Group Ma Group Admin Sivai Koi e Kai Pn Moklava Ni Sakhat Manai Che.

4. Koi Pn Prakar No Group Ma Problem Thay To Aa Number Par Call Karo +91-9601866644. 

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